Erin (erin_said) wrote in syrian_hamsters,

This may be a retarded question, however...

I understand that you cannot use cedar or pine bedding for hamsters, because there are chemicals in both that react to a hamster's urine and create phenols (toxic!).

Here's the story:
I have a flea problem in my house. It is localized to the living room, however I'm taking precautions since my cat and dog both have been coming into my room to snoop around lately. I did not want to use chemical insecticides in my room, since I don't think it's necessary and I wouldn't be able to clear both myself and my hamster from the area while it dried. Earlier tonight, I vacuumed it really well (behind all of my furniture, along the baseboards, pretty much everywhere), and misted an herbal flea spray (it's not an insecticide, it's just a repellent) on the floor and wall area where my hamster's cage is, underneath and on the back of my couch, underneath my couch cushions, and on the closet floor. The flea spray consists of 32% rosemary oil and 32% cedar oil, so now my room smells like a forest.

My question is this:
Will the cedar fumes (not from bedding, from the repellent I sprayed some places in my room...NOT IN HER CAGE) be harmful to my hamster, since they are airborne rather than coming from her bedding? She can't pee on I'm assuming it's ok.

I use Carefresh bedding, and I just changed it a few days ago. I was very careful not to spray any of the repellent while her cage was anywhere near me. I threw the rest of her bag of Carefresh away (there wasn't much left) as a precaution in case it served as a flea breeding ground. I plan on purchasing more tomorrow while I'm at work (I work at a pet store) and cleaning her cage again tomorrow. My room right now is very well ventilated. Both fans are on (ceiling and standing fan), and both of my windows are open. The forest smell seems to be clearing up, although no doubt there will be a little residual for at least a couple of days.

Thank you for reading.
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