Erin (erin_said) wrote in syrian_hamsters,

now thinking hamster is constipated?

Hi, I posted a few days ago about my hamster having red skin. Thank you for all of your helpful replies. I have been mindful of your advice, and am in the process of changing my hamster's food.

I am now thinking that my hamster may be constipated. There isn't as much poop lying around her cage as there usually is three days after I clean it. It doesn't look like she's urinated very much, either.

It doesn't appear that she has drank much water, but she has been eating her usual amount. I know not enough water can cause dehydration, so I tried to stick the water bottle near her mouth today and prompt her to drink, but she didn't seem to want to. I gave her a few small carrots and pieces of broccoli in hopes that she will attain water from eating those, and they will help clean out her digestive tract, but I am at a loss for what to do!

I think I read somewhere to give her children's unflavored pedialyte, or mix honey in to her water, but I can't find that source again, and I'm not sure how much of either to give her or even how to give it to her. Any help would be appreciated.
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