Erin (erin_said) wrote in syrian_hamsters,

hamster with red skin

I have a 9 month old black syrian hamster with skin problems.

Her skin is red and inflamed looking, but there doesn't appear to be any flaking or hair loss. She also doesn't seem to be any itchier than she normally is (she has always liked to rub against the bars on the side of her cage ever since I got her). She has been sneezing a little more than usual, and she's started sleeping outside of her hut in the corner of her cage (although that could be because of the hot weather we've been having). She hasn't been irritable, and I don't think she's more lethargic. She sleeps a lot normally anyway, so I'm not sure.

I took her to the vet, and they did a skin scrape which came back negative for mites or infection. They also did a fungal test, and the results from that should come back some time next week.

The vet suggested that she has allergies to something, but I've been using the same food for a while. She just developed the red skin recently, so I'm not sure if it could be allergies. The vet also gave me some antimicrobial shampoo and said I should give her a bath to relieve whatever discomfort she may have because of the inflamed skin.

I want to get rid of whatever is affecting my hamster more than anything, but I don't think giving her a bath will be the answer. I am very hesitant to, because I know it strips their coats of oils and puts them at high risk to develop infections like wet tail, which could kill them. Does anyone have any idea of what might be wrong with her, and if it is causing her significant discomfort or if it could kill her?
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