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Cross Posted... lethargic and cold :(

I'm a bit worried about my Billy hamster. He's been a bit letharigic lately, and also I got him out earlier as I'd not seen him about all day, and he was a lot colder than he should be despite being curled up tight in his fluffy bedding... Poor soul. He wasn't icy, he was just cooler than he normally is when I get him up. He still uncurled and said hello and snuffled me, but I put him back to keep warm and he's not moved again. Normally when I put him back he has a wander and a wee or some food then goes back to bed, but he stayed in the bed where I put him.

I know he's 1 now, and the average age for a Syrian is 1 year- 18 months but I don't want him to die :( Hopefully he'll bounce back.

I don't know what else I can do. The ambient house temperature is high enough, there's no draft on him and his cage is near the back of the fridge where it's always been so he has heat from the back of it. It's a big cage so he can move to the other end (through tunnels) if he's too warm. He has lots of bedding. I don't see why he would be cold.

I'm worried as yesterday he spent most of the day all flat and sleepy then had a mad, out of character run around in his wheel and seemed really busy, and now this today. I know animals often have a last burst of energy on their way out...

I'm going to be scared to open the cage again now in case he's gone...


At 7am today I opened his cage filled with dread, and bless his soul he was quite perky and came out for a cuddle and when he went back, he snuffled around and moved some food like his old self. Hubby has told be not to get too excited just in case, and not to open the cage again until he's home from work, but I was elated this morning to see him being Billy for a bit.
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